Visual images play an important role in marketing collaterals. The identity brand starts with a well-designed logo. This is one of the most important parts of a business's marketing success. A logo should be unique and consistent with the company brand.

An artist is like a machine that runs off inspiration. It is only through the eyes of an artist that mundane daily tasks can hold unique visual expression.

Illustrations are also included in advertisements to persuade the target audience to look at the ad. The focus should be the message of the ad as a whole. The illustration is one element used to carry that message to the audience.

Dina's Desktop keeps these basics in mind when designing illustrations, logos, brand identities and advertisements. Dina uses a thorough design brief and workflow to ensure the clearest possible solution. She offers creative originality to any design and has the technical skill to create eye-catching artwork that will woo your audience.


Let's get started on something beautiful for you today!

Illustration Projects

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