Motion Graphics have been used in television advertising long before computers were the tools of the trade that they are today. Effective motion design begins with a good idea and a compelling story to tell, and should inspire the audience to take action. As with all advertising, it begins with a sound understanding of the brand and of the target audience. Dina's Desktop incorporates this formula to bring life to your message with motion designs that are engaging, fun and memorable. Dina understands the nuances in combining kinetic typography and animation with live action and she brings them together using the innovations of today's internet and smart devices.

Dina has a thorough understanding of traditional art and color theory, the fundamentals of animation and of 3D design. She is skilled in typography, is a creative thinker and a savvy communicator. She also pursues originality and maintains a mastery of the latest technical tools.

Motion design is also cost-effective, limitless and engaging. It provides quick visual communication that will engage your audience emotionally and promote sharing and SEO rankings. Dina's Desktop will put the tools of motion design to work to take your message to the next level.


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Be Inspired...

Do you know the difference between a dream and a vision? A dream is something you could do; a vision is something you must do. When Edison had a vision – he didn't dream about it – he did it! Sometimes, actually often – he failed and that's ok. What he didn't do is keep dreaming and never accomplish anything. "VISION WITHOUT EXECUTION IS HALLUCINATION" ~ Edison

Today, many people dream and some even dream big. However, most dreamers never take the next step with their dreams. Great leaders know that just sitting around and dreaming doesn't add one dime to the bottom line nor does it bring measurable results if it only remains a dream. However, having a vision drives you to execute on that vision. It is something you must do.

Are you dreaming today – or are you executing a vision? ~ Phil Clemens

"EMOTION IS ENERGY IN MOTION" ~ McWilliams "I was the vice-president at PepsiCo. What reason would I have to leave a very sustained and highly paid job to join a company of nerds selling computers? But he said to me, and said it looking deep into my eyes - 'Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life or do you want a chance to CHANGE THE WORLD?' I could not resist," said John Sculley.

What was he (Steve Jobs, of course) doing? Selling an offer to Sculley to join Apple? But do you see him mentioning the monetary gains or rational benefits of the level of control he would enjoy at Apple? No. He used sentiment, an emotion, a feeling of greatness or being unique because he (Sculley) was granted an opportunity to change the world, influence perceptions and create better experiences. What Sculley couldn't resist was the emotional benefit and not a rational gain. Every brand, product or service, has its own set of emotional benefits and rational benefits.

But do they leverage? ~ Himali Jangam

Be Encouraged...

Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing.

Isaiah 43:18-19